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Moving Histories//
Future Projections

12 May – 18 June '17

Moving Histories//Future Projections is a touring exhibition that brings together some of Australia’s leading female contemporary artists who work across screen based media. Artists include Kate Blackmore, Jacinta Tobin, Mikala Dwyer and Justene Williams, Amala Groom, Deborah Kelly, Joan Ross, Soda Jerk, Angelica Mesiti and Caroline Garcia. The artists in Moving Histories//Future Projections approach their subject matter in a variety of ways – they turn the camera... MORE

Michelle Nikou

12 May – 18 June '17

Michelle Nikou: aeiou is an innovative, playful and poetic exhibition that challenges, entertains and stimulates conversations between viewers of all ages. The exhibition explores the Adelaide-based artist’s idiosyncratic cross-disciplinary practice, while stimulating critical thought around the legacies of modern art movements and the nature of contemporary practice. Nikou characteristically draws on surrealism in a reflective and productive way to transform domestic... MORE